Premium CSB Member Growlers

We love local at Lancaster CSB. Besides supporting our local breweries, we also like to support our local artists. In that vein, each CSB season we commission a different local artist to design our premium growler. 

The growler itself is a nicer growler than it's 64oz glass little brother. Both by design and function, you can tell the quality of our premium growlers even from a distance. These growlers are created on a very limited run, and can only be purchased through our premium CSB membership. 

For more information on the growlers and artists from past seasons, continue reading below. 

Fall-Winter 2015 Season:

Stephen Murrill designed the artwork for our Fall-Winter season. We chose a swing-top growler with a wide base and narrow opening.


Spring-Summer 2015 Season:

Ryan Toews designed our Spring-Summer artwork, which was wrapped around a stainless steel growler with a wide mouth opening. 

Fall-Winter 2014 Season:

Our Fall-Winter 2014 growler we used a taller style 2L glass growler with a flip top. The artwork we used was our logo designed by Dynamic Dzine